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Flynn Pharma (Holdings) Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority shareholding in MicroPharm Ltd, a privately held company with its headquarters in Wales, UK. 
MicroPharm’s expertise lies in the production and purification of ovine antibodies to produce a range of immunotherapeutic products for clinical use. All are designed to treat acute, life-threatening emergencies.
Ebola Research
Flynn’s initial investment last year enabled MicroPharm to enter into collaboration with Public Health England and the University of Oxford for the fast-track development of a treatment for Ebola Virus Disease.  This development programme is ongoing.

C. difficile
Flynn has provided further significant funds and resources for the commercialisation of MicroPharm’s products and support expansion of their development pipeline, which currently includes products for systemic and oral administration of polyclonal antibodies to C. difficile toxins, a joint development with Public Health England and the University of Leeds.

Other therapeutic antibodies
MicroPharm has a number of other important initiatives on a range of therapeutic antibodies including snake antivenoms and drug poisoning treatments.
Investment in Product Pipeline
David Fakes, CEO of Flynn, said, “MicroPharm has an impressive, proven technology platform, which we believe has potential application in a number of emergency situations in both large and small, underserved patient populations. We at Flynn are proud to continue our investment into MicroPharm to help realise its potential”.
CEO of MicroPharm, Ian Cameron, said, “Flynn has been an important commercial partner to MicroPharm for some time.  Their investments have enabled us to move forward quickly on a number of important development projects”.
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