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Important: For Wholesalers and Pharmacists

Re:Phenytoin Sodium Flynn 300mg Hard Capsules

In order to help mitigate the risk of an out of stock situation for Phenytoin Sodium Flynn 300mg Hard Capsules, Flynn Pharma secured MHRA agreement to over-label a limited quantity of blister strips packed under the previous name, Epanutin 300mg Hard Capsules. These packs will be available for a limited period from December 2012 following which new stock in standard packaging will be available. It is anticipated all such repackaged product will be exhausted before the end of January 2013. Only the batch numbers detailed below are affected:

Batch Number(s): 840032R, 955042R, 956042R

No other batches of the 300mg product or any other strength are affected.

The affected 300mg packs can be readily identified by a removable label on the rear of each carton (placed in the space for the dispensing label).

We are advising wholesalers who might receive this stock. We are additionally advising pharmacists since they made need to reassure patients or address a question from a patient should it arise.

For further information please contact Flynn Pharma Medical Information on:

01438 727822.

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