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Medikinet XL 5mg Launch

Notification of addition to the prescribing information for
Medikinet XL® (Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Prolonged Release) Capsules

Following agreement with the Department of Health we are writing to inform you of the following addition to the Medikinet XL Capsule pack presentation which will be available from wholesalers from the beginning of August 2011.

Introduction of 5mg dosage presentation of Medikinet XL

The rationale for the changes to pack presentations is to standardise the Medikinet portfolio and will bring the Medikinet XL pack sizes into line with existing (Immediate Release) Tablet pack presentations which already offer a 5mg dose presentation. 

Henceforth the following Medikinet XL presentations will be available:

PIP Codes



Basic NHS Cost

(pro rata)


Medikinet XL 5mg Capsules

Capsules x 30 NEW



Medikinet XL 10mg Capsules

Capsules x 30



Medikinet XL 20mg Capsules

Capsules x 30



Medikinet XL 30mg Capsules

Capsules x 30



Medikinet XL 40mg Capsules

Capsules x 30


Medikinet Tablets continue to be available in the following presentation packs:

PIP  Codes





Medikinet 5 mg Tablets


Tablets x 30


Medikinet 10mg Tablets


Tablets x 30


Medikinet 20mg Tablets


Tablets x 30

Note: Pharmacists and prescribers should be aware that different branded presentations of extended release methylphenidate are not interchangeable and should be prescribed by brand. When accepting a prescription for a controlled drug, pharmacists should check that the prescriber has complied with the controlled drug prescription writing requirements and included the total number of doses in both words and figures.

The 5mg pack will help simplify the Medikinet portfolio, rationalising blister presentations across the range whilst offering patients and prescriber’s greater flexibility of dosing to fine tune the treatment and management of ADHD. Together Medikinet and Medikinet XL offer patients and healthcare professionals the broadest range of dosing options when prescribing methylphenidate.

If you require any further information, or have difficulty ordering any Medikinet tablet or Medikinet XL capsule presentation, please contact Flynn Pharma Medical Information on 01438 727822 or e-mail

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