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Medikinet® XL Capsules

Medikinet XL (Methylphenidate) is indicated as part of a comprehensive treatment programme for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children aged 6 years of age and over when remedial measures alone prove insufficient. Treatment must be under the supervision of a specialist in childhood behaviour disorders.

Diagnosis should be made according to recognised criteria. For example DSM 5 guidelines and ICD-10 and should be based on a complete history and evaluation of the patient. Diagnosis cannot be made solely on the presence of one or more symptom.

The specific aetiology of this syndrome is unknown, and there is no single diagnostic test. Adequate diagnosis requires the use of medical and specialised psychological, educational, and social resources.

A comprehensive treatment programme typically includes psychological, educational and social measures as well as pharmacotherapy and is aimed at stabilising children with a behavioural syndrome characterised by symptoms which may include chronic history of short attention span, distractibility, emotional lability, impulsivity, moderate to severe hyperactivity, minor neurological signs and abnormal EEG. Learning may or may not be impaired.

In adolescents whose symptoms persist into adulthood and who have shown clear benefit from treatment, it may be appropriate to continue treatment with Medikinet XL at the same daily dose (mg/day) into adulthood. Whether or not a dose adjustment depending on efficacy and tolerability is necessary or possible must be reviewed regularly. However, start of treatment with Medikinet XL in adults is not appropriate.


Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

Please click here for the Medikinet 5mg patient information leaflet 

Please click here for the Medikinet 10mg-40mg patient information leaflet 

Please click here for the Medikinet 50mg and 60mg patient information leaflet 

Medikinet® XL Capsules
Product type:



Prescription Only (POM), class 2 controlled drug.

Available as:

5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 50mg, 60mg

Please contact your doctor or pharmacist for further advice.
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